Francis Lavoe
M.A, B.A

Research Scientist

“I am a Data and Research Scientist from the University of Ghana and the Ghana’s CSIR-Food Research Institute. I have a special passion to ensure food security and end hunger in all its forms in Africa. Seeing people, especially women and children hungry makes me very sad.

I love agriculture and I also have a unique curiosity for biodiversity and environmental sustainability. When the World Food Programme projected that by 2050** the food need of developing countries will double, my main motivation is to leverage research and data to ensure that we do something about this food problem. With burgeoning population and depleting farmlands, agricultural biotechnology (AB) provides the necessary tools to maximise food production to feed current and future generations.

Unfortunately, widespread negative stereotypes about health threats of Genetically Engineered products have inhibited the adoption of technologies that can help mitigate food insecurity, especially in Africa, which is worse hit by hunger and undernutrition. My motivation is to help correct these negative stereotypes among actors within the food value chain. I am ecstatic that this motivation of mine dovetails perfectly with the mission of Grow More Foundation which is seeking to promote global education, awareness and transparency around AB.

I strongly believe that collaborating with the team of experts assembled by Grow More Foundation will be the perfect platform to help correct these negative stereotypes and lay the foundation for the scaling up of Agricultural Biotechnologies globally.”

Dr. Sylvia He

Science Writer

“A biotech writer and editor with 10+ years of experience and a biotech marketing communication professional with 5+ years of experience, I weave science and technology stories from complex data. Also, I offer substantial analytical, research, branding, project management, and computer skills. I have a B.S. in molecular biology, a Ph.D. in molecular virology, and an MBA.”

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