Grow More Foundation is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Kate Sydney Jewelry

I love the possibility of it all. My inspiration comes from the world around me. Iā€™m often inspired by trees, leaves, vines and flowers.

Kate Sydney
Mathematics is our universal language and jewelry is our universal symbolism in all cultures. Throughout history, jewelry has been functional, talismanic and an artistic display.

Dr. Kate M. Creasey

We want to enable others to grow more

When hand planting seeds, it is the small details that can make a huge impact on crop growth, development and harvesting. If the seeds are too close together, you risk loss of crop through shading and root crowding. If they are too far apart you do not maximize your land or greenhouse. Adding fertilizer too closely can burn and injure the seedlings, whereas watering too closely can wash seedlings away and cause root rot. More importantly, what works in developed countries does not work for developing countries. By simply planting seed efficiently we can improve seed germination, seedling growth, plant development and crop harvest.

How can we maximize growing food? 

Planting Seed Jewelry is as visually aesthetic as it is functional. We make to the lengths specific for a particular crop, providing row number, seed spacing, planting depth in soil, distance of fertilizer application and water irrigation. These measurements enable farmers and growers everywhere to maximize their food production. 

We are collaborating with female entrepreneurs in Africa and America to enable all to grow more.

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