We are enabling others to grow more and you can help.

We are seeking future-minded individuals to become Advisors, Donors and Participants to help accelerate our mission.  


Our aims are EAT. Education, awareness and transparency of biotech in agriculture. We are joining with others across the globe to help enable people to grow more.

Your donations are helping us with our education campaigns. 100 % will go to these efforts, with zero % to overhead. We believe all should have access to information, that everyone can learn with the right teacher, and that anyone can become a scholar.

Funding educational resources


Grow More Foundation, Inc. is a New York 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to promoting transparency and awareness of biotechnological advancements in agriculture. Everyone deserves access to reliable and affordable food and our team is working with industry, regulatory bodies and the public to ensure global food supply and safety.

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