Grow More is dedicated to enabling others to grow, eat and apply more science

We are funded currently by philanthropists with no conflicts of interest, also we do not accept any funding from Industry.

iEAT to provide education, promote awareness and encourage transparency of biotechnologies in agriculture.

Our mission as scientists is to engage farmers, growers, society, industry and regulatory in an open global dialogue on bioengineering and bioediting.

The growing population needs food security, safety and food supply. Revolutionary agricultural practices are changing how we grow food, however these advances are often met with misunderstanding, skepticism and fear.

The bioengineering and bioedeting of crops has become one of the most debated and divisive issues of our time.

Biotechnological advancements are enabling us to grow more

We need scientifically informed and unbiased voices to promote an open understanding. Only full transparency of agricultural biotechnological advancements will promote public trust and acceptance.

Our mission is to enable crop development and biotechnological innovation in agriculture around the world.

Grow More is a 501(c)(3) non-profit NGO based in New York

Everyone deserves access to reliable and affordable food and our team is working with industry, regulatory bodies and the public to ensure this. We believe all should have access to information, that everyone can learn with the right teacher, and that anyone can become a scholar.

Your donations help us are currently helping us with our education campaigns. 100 % goes to these programs, with O % to our overhead.